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1977 Rolex 1680/8 submariner.More of our footage at


1977 Rolex 1680/8 submariner.
More of our footage at

via adlv.
Photo 15 Apr
Text 8 Apr I love you

I’ll tell you as many times as I need to just so you can believe me.

Text 8 Apr I’m sorry

I am such a fuck up

Text 8 Apr


Text 8 Apr

I know I fucked up. I did. I’m sorry. Yell at me all you want, say whatever you want to say. But at the end of the day know that you weren’t the only one that got shit for what you did, I did as well. I should have told you. I’m sorry.

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Link 19 Feb 15 Study Habits to Get Straight A's in College»


Take Good Notes

Note taking is an essential college skill. It’s worth taking the time to get good at it! You won’t be able to write down every single word. So get in the habit of writing down the key points — whether in class, or while studying from a textbook. Note down anything your…

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